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Sandi is more than a Teleprompter and media resource. She is a trusted partner and someone that my team and I can always count on to deliver high quality results. Plus, her great attitude and the positive connection she has built with all our colleagues is priceless. Sandi always goes above and beyond to make sure the entire production runs flawlessly. She’s saved us at the last minutes many times! If we are running a global livestream or a simple video update for one of our execs, Sandi will always make us look good. Plus, she is a people person which is a must in this line of work. I highly recommend Sandi for any Teleprompter services. They don’t get any better than Sandi.

Gina Glickman

Internal Communications Manager, NA



Without a doubt Sandi Winslow’s greatest asset is her ability to make talent feel at ease with the job at hand.  Reading prompter isn’t easy but Sandi’s years of experience and patience allows her to guide talent through what can often be a very stressful day.  She’s an invaluable resource to anyone who has a lot of ground to cover in a limited amount of time and is without a doubt my first choice when I need a prompter operator.

Sean Cameron
Vice President Of Studio Production
Turner Classic Movies


Sandi is a huge asset on-set, personable, talented and always ready to help. Sandi has worked with us on multiple shoots with a variety of clients and is always committed to making it the best experience possible. She manages to relax the talent and the director at the same time, a true professional.

Curtis Henson

Thrill Media


Working at Turner Classic Movies has afforded me the opportunity to work with a selection of enormously talented producers, directors, camera operators and both lighting and sound technicians.

But there is no doubt – none – that the most completely professional and competent person I have worked with – in my 12 years at TCM – is prompter operator Sandi Winslow. Sandi is one of those rare people you occasionally encounter in television who you’re certain could do every job in production. If she were a producer, she’d run an efficient, organized shoot; if she were a director, she’d be prepared, inventive and quick, but without the sense you were hurrying.

As it happens, she was my prompter operator for eleven years. She literally made me a better host almost instantly. She anticipated nearly every problem before it ever surfaced. There’s no way to know how many mistakes I avoided as a result of Sandi’s diligence, how much time we saved thanks to her commitment to make sure every script was laid out correctly before I even arrived on set. She seemed to know instinctively that each host has different styles and different needs. From the beginning, she adapted instantly to suit my cadence, my speed, reacting to every pause or increase in tempo as if we’d already been working together for decades.

Just as an indifferent prompter operator can sabotage a shoot, an engaged prompter operator can increase the host’s confidence level ten fold. I always felt at my best working with Sandi. I literally cannot think of another person I’ve worked with in production that I’d recommend more highly.

Ben Mankiewicz
Host – Turner Classic Movies



I worked with Sandi Winslow for more than a decade at Turner Broadcasting. Not only is she talented and dependable, she is also extremely dedicated. She works well with talent– from local to international celebrities. She has the unique ability of knowing when input is necessary, and is always respectful and professional on the set. I highly recommend Sandi Winslow and her services.

Gary Freedman
Assistant Director / Senior Producer


We always have the best comfort level when Sandi Winslow is on the job. She is a progressive problem solver, keeps herself up to date on emerging technologies and has impeccable client services. Simply the best in the business!

Rita Byers Carter

Senior Turner Studio's Production Manager


Sandi is a pleasure to work with and a very competent business professional. She is creative, hard working and well liked. These traits have allowed her to cultivate a number of outstanding business relationships. Sandi would be an asset to any project or company.


Darryl Marshall

Senior Associate Director, Turner Sports



It is my pleasure to recommend Sandi Winslow for teleprompter.  I have worked with her for more than twenty years. She has always been prompt and reliable. Her easy going personality makes even the most nervous or new talent feel at ease on camera. Sandi is an asset to any crew!


Pat Segers Makeup & Hair


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