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Qmaster Software

I have used this professional grade software for over  20 years.  The reason I chose this software is because the talent I have worked with love its capabilities. For example, if the talent wants to make a change while in front of the camera, he can watch me apply the changes "live" and see it immediately to ensure that the script still reads as intended and flows correctly into the next sentence or train of thought. The talent I've worked with over the years love this capability. 
Another benefit is this software also allows me to remain queued for the talent on set, while I manipulate other scripts -- editing, moving, adding, deleting -- in the current rundown or another rundown entirely without the talent ever being aware that this is occurring.  This feature enables me to multitask, especially when we are live, to ensure that often critical changes have been applied.
Another perk is that the Qmaster system uses a QBox that serves as a redundant hard drive as well as providing the video output. If the computer crashes or the internet goes down, I can still scroll the already loaded scripts/rundown without anyone being the wiser. The scripts can not be edited, but most importantly the talent is not left hanging out to dry or having to revert to paper copy to deliver his or her read.
This software also enables me to load all major newsroom systems via MOS or FTP.
I have worked specifically with Inews/Avstar for over 15 years for live events and studio productions.



CueScript 15 inch HD/SDI Monitor


This high resolution LED monitor is perfect for use in corporate environments, studios, and on location. The sleek design has an integrated mounting system allowing for quick, easy setup and the LED high brightness screen means clarity of the script isn't impaired if shooting in daylight or bright lights. 


Mount for camera:

This mount is very well thought out and has been designed with ease of use in mind, allowing seamless setup and balance without the use of tools.


It has a quick release camera plate for either Sachler or Vinten heads machined into the  mounting plate to ensure a robust attachment without using screws. I have a 3 inch riser plate that  can be quickly attached for the smaller cameras.



Roll Around Monitor stand


With the advent of smaller and smaller cameras, the industry is starting to incorporate  mounting the teleprompter monitor and hood /glass on a stand and then rolling it up to the already built camera on sticks, rather than have a potential time consuming prep for the camera and prompter build. This system considerably lessens the cost and time needed for prepping for a shoot, and resolves any potential compatibility or balance issues between the camera, the sticks and the teleprompter monitor. This makes setup very fast and stress free.
I use an industrial grade stand with collapsible wheels.  The stand makes it very easy to move around and to adjust height as needed.
*** Please note that if the camera will be moving with the talent, then the teleprompter monitor will need to be mounted to the camera. Please refer to the section above about the teleprompter mounting plate. 
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