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Posted on April 7, 2016


OnCue Prompting relies on CueScript for fast set-up and ease of use for live sports and entertainment broadcasts, corporate, and training projects - 

Fairfield, CT (USA) – April 7th, 2016 – Sandi Winslow, a teleprompting expert with more than 20 years of experience, has chosen CueScript, the leading developer of broadcast and professional prompting solutions, for OnCue Prompting, her latest venture based in Atlanta, Ga., launched in January 2016.


Winslow has two complete systems based on the CueScript CSM15 15-inch high brightness LED HD-SDI teleprompter monitor, as well as a third backup monitor and glass, in addition to a prompting laptop. Winslow also has a 3-inch riser plate that can be quickly attached for smaller cameras.


“When I first decided to start OnCue Prompting an industry friend told me ‘I have the best system for you,’” said Winslow. “I was skeptical, until I got a demo unit and saw it for myself. How quick and easy it was to set up and use really sold it for me.”


 After talking with CueScript President Michael Accardi and having other industry veterans analyze the hardware and performance, Winslow made her choice.

“Getting CueScript equipment gave me the assurance that I could put a prompting company together,” said Winslow. “It was a no brainer. What’s so unique is the way the system mounts to the tripod. It easily attaches directly to the quick release plate and is robust and stable; there’s no stability issue that often happens with other prompter monitor mounts.”

CueScript’s unique mounting system enables Winslow and hundreds of other teleprompter operators around the world to know that their prompter monitors can be assembled quickly with the assurance of stability on a secure platform. The CueScript collapsible/foldable hood is another benefit that operators have come to rely on as the perfect way to protect the one-way mirrored glass during transport, while saving packing space.

“One of the things I love the best about my CueScript system is the foldable hood,” said Winslow. “It sounds trivial, but with a foldable hood I can place the glass inside the hood itself and then everything goes in a single canvas carrying bag that I can put over my shoulder. It’s really lightweight, and once I unpack, it literally takes just a few minutes to put everything together once I have the mount on the tripod.”

The one thing that’s not unique is Winslow’s experience with CueScript. “As a small business owner, you’re often treated as the low man on the totem pole, but with CueScript I get great customer service when I need it. Michael [Accardi] works with his clients for their success. There’s nothing better than that.

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CueScript Digital Video Teleprompter Buyers Guide (posted 7/19/16)


CueScript Puts Big Words Into Little Packages

By Sandi Winslow 

Size does matter. On a recent 4K shoot with Shaquille O'Neal (that would be the big), I was reminded of how much I love the design and ergonomics of my CueScript CSM15 15-inch high brightness LED HD-SDI teleprompter monitor (that would be the small). But "small" is the wrong term — "compact" would be better.

As a one-person operation, I have to travel with all the equipment I need. That's the prompter monitor, glass, hood, laptop, and a 3-inch riser plate for when I have to attach to smaller cameras. It's the compactness of CueScript that lets me stand tall next to someone of Shaq's stature. With CueScript's foldable hood, I can place the glass inside the hood, and then put it in a single bag that I can put over my shoulder, so it's double protected. It's lightweight and once unpacked, I'm fully set up in just a few minutes after getting the mount on the tripod's quick release plate.


For me, when I walk into a studio or boardroom, or wherever I happen to be, I don't want the production team or the talent (especially the talent) to be waiting on me. It's that quick set up time that makes me invisible. And it's the stability and clarity of the CueScript prompter that makes me shine in the eyes of my client. 


Sandi Winslow of OnCue Prompting in Atlanta is a teleprompting expert with more than 20 years of experience.

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