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About Sandi Winslow:

In the 20+ years Sandi Winslow has worked as a Teleprompter operator, she has built a reputation as a trusted advisor to handle teleprompter operations for multiple high-profile personalities and highly challenging programming assignments.


Her partners describe her as someone who can handle any issue or any on-air talent challenge with grace and professionalism. Sandi is known for getting things done and can be counted on to produce the highest quality in fast-paced,

deadline-driven environments.











Sandi works on studio productions, on location shoots, corporate productions, live webcasts, webinars, and peer-level web meetings. She

enjoys working with talent and corporate executives to deliver the needed content accurately, concisely and with less stress. Last minute tweaks are done quickly, so that the delivery

is as natural as possible. Sandi is used to incorporating bullet points in presentations and

is skilled in keeping up with presenters when they ad-lib. 

Sandi has also been involved in numerous live sporting events requiring on-the-spot editing: NBA on TNT as well as several Olympics and numerous Goodwill Games.  

What To Expect

Sandi is known for always being prepared and for her thoughtful formatting of the scripts. Her years of experience afford her the ability to anticipate script challenges for each talent. Sandi tailors each script to the individual talent by choosing the best spacing and font size, as well as highlighting words to be emphasized, and other specific formatting that the talent requests, so the script rolling on the prompter is easier to read and sounds as non-scripted as possible.


Sandi is very personable with each talent to make them feel at ease in front of the camera. She partners with the production manager or director to ensure that the shoot goes on without any technical surprises and address talent requests before their arrival to streamline the production process.  

Sandi arrives prepared for technical issues by providing, at no charge to her clients, a backup laptop, and if the client has also booked equipment, she provides a backup teleprompter monitor and backup glass at no cost.

At the end of the shoot, Sandi will email a final copy of the script to the client for legal purposes and to assist with post production.

The equipment and software are professional grade and top notch. 


"Sandi is more than a Teleprompter and media resource. She is a trusted partner and someone that my team and I can always count on to deliver high quality results. Plus, her great attitude and the positive connection she has built with all our colleagues is priceless. They don’t get any better than Sandi.

Gina Glickman

Internal Communications Manager, North America



"Sandi is a huge asset

on-set, personable, talented and always ready to help...

a true professional."

Curtis Henson

Thrill Media


"Simply the best in the business!"


Rita Byers Carter

Sr. Studio Production Manager



"Her easy going personality makes even the most nervous or new talent feel at ease on camera. Sandi is an asset to any crew!"


Pat Segers Makeup & Hair

"Sandi Winslow's greatest asset is her ability to make talent feel at ease with the job at hand... my first choice when I need a prompter operator."


Sean Cameron

VP of Studio Production,

Turner Classic Movies

"Sandi distinguished herself as the consummate television professional, not only for her working skills, but her ability to build strong relationships with our talent, client and production teams."


John Luegering

VP Production Turner Studios

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